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Neide Bollinger hurried toward the Molly Brown House Museum on a sweltering weekday this month, worried that she may have missed the start of a mid-morning walking tour on Capitol Hill. “I got lost,” she admitted after stopping in front of the mansion at 1340 Pennsylvania St., which looms large in [...]
Thu, Jun 21, 2018
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Cannabis use may be decreasing among teens, but a new study showed that American adults have increasingly used cannabis daily since 2007. The study found that nondaily cannabis use decreased among those aged 12 to 25 and 35 to 49 before 2007, and increased among all adults after 2007, particularly [...]
Wed, Jun 20, 2018
Source: Denver Dispensaries | Science Daily Feed
(Thu, 15 Nov 2007) [...]
Thu, Nov 15, 2007
Source: Denver Dispensaries | NORML

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